Stories on Condo Life and Condo Insurance

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Does Condo Insurance Cover Appliances

Condo insurance coverage for appliances offers protection provided it’s included under covered perils, such as lighting, theft, and fire.

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What Does Flood Insurance Cover In A Condo

How much flood insurance do I need for my condo, and what does it cover?

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Water Damage From Condo Above Me

Water damage from the condo above me—what to do about it? Read here and figure out a solution!

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What To Look For In Condo Insurance

What to look for in condo insurance? What kinds of tips are available? Come and find out!

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Condo Earthquake Insurance Is It Worth It

Condo earthquake insurance... is it worth it? Understand the pitfalls so that you can protect your investment.

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Is Condo Insurance Tax Deductible

It’s important to know whether you’re eligible to deduct a proportion of your costs if you rent out your condo or use part of it as a home office.

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Do I Need Title Insurance For A Condo

The article covers an in-depth analysis of whether a buyer should purchase title insurance, what time insurance is, how they may buy, what the insurance covers, and its costs.

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What Is Hazard Insurance For A Condo

What is hazard insurance for a condo? Do you need it? How do you get it? Find it all out here!