How To Make A Condo Feel Like Home

Your quick guide on making a condo feel like home.

If you didn’t grow up in a condo, it’s normal to feel a little out of place when you first move into one. The uniformity of condominiums can often feel a little icy, especially if the condos in question have a heavily-developed look to them. Some even liken certain condo complexes to an overdeveloped, suburban nightmare. It’s true, condos take some getting used to. While they are often panned for their outward uniformity, there is a side to condos that only condo lovers can understand. Though they can have a highly impartial look at them at first, they still can be the dream home you’ve always wanted them to be. All that you need to do is have a little strategy when it comes to creating the right ambiance for your home. But, the question remains, how can one make a condo feel like “yours and yours alone” when so many restrictions exist?

How To Make Your New Home Feel Like Home

The first thing anyone will tell you when it comes to learning how to make a condo feel like home is to decorate it the way that you want it to be. Your home needs to have the ambiance you feel reflects you. So, now would be a good time to bring in the family heirlooms, add some family photos, get some cute decorations, and experiment with your overall look. Redecorating an apartment or condo helps you psychologically view it as your own. It’s the way to “nest up” any brand new home you could have. If you have a particularly restrictive HOA, double-check the rules before you get started on painting and drilling your condo up. After all, you don't want to get written up in your brand new home, just for making it feel like your home!
how to make a condo feel like home

Meeting Your Neighbors

If you’re like most people, a place is never really home until you have ties to the area. When we move, we tend to miss the community the most. That’s why it’s so important to start reaching out to people around your new condo community. Most condo associations have events at least once a month. If yours doesn’t, at least take the time to knock on your neighbors’ doors, introduce yourself, and ask questions. Now would be a good time to get the scoop on the best restaurants in the area, learn about school systems, and more. Don’t be afraid to explore a bit, either. Take two or three weekends to drive around the community, go to local shops, and tour the area. Sometimes, the places that you end up loving the most are the ones you stumble upon at random.

how to make your new home feel like home

Give It a Little Time

Regardless of how often you’ve moved home, there’s going to be a certain amount of time where things just feel funny. Moving can be traumatic, especially if you’ve been used to living in the same town or home for over a decade. Even if the condo that you bought is the perfect dream home you’ve always wanted, there will be moments where you miss your old home. That’s just to be expected! However, there’s some good news here. Everyone has a period where they need to adjust to their new surroundings, even if they are using to being a “rolling stone.” Studies show that people tend to become increasingly fond of locations that they spend longer times. So, if you’re not a fan at first, wait a while. The longer you stay in town, the more you’re going to love it.