AIG Condo Insurance

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What to Know About AIG Condo Insurance

Thought about getting a condo insurance policy from AIG? We're here to help you review all the details of AIG's policies and compare them with their competitors so you can get a quote you're happy with. We guide you through what's included in AIG's policies and how to get the best price and policy for your needs. We can help you choose the ideal condo insurance policy from AIG, making sure it works with your condo association's policy, and compare AIG's rates and policies with their competitors'. Consider getting condo insurance to protect what you own and yourself; for example, covering additional costs from living elsewhere if your condo becomes uninhabitable. Understanding everything that goes into a condo insurance policy can be confusing, but we're here to help you sort through all that information so you can find what you need to decide on the best insurance policy. If you plan on purchasing an AIG insurance policy, we want to give you a sense of security knowing you've got the coverage you need at an affordable price.
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AIG Condo Insurance at a Glance

AIG personal condo insurance can insure things that your condo association's insurance policy doesn't cover. The condo association's master policy generally covers common areas and the condominium building overall, but in many cases doesn't cover things inside your unit, though some will cover items (appliances, cabinets, flooring) native to the unit. Your condo insurance complements your condo association's master policy. It's a good idea to review your condo association's policy and what it covers before settling on a unit policy. An AIG condo insurance policy can insure your possessions, personal liability, and more, so you're ready for any unforeseen situation. Always insure your condo for more than it's market value; getting only the minimum coverage be an expensive mistake if your condo or the things inside get severely damaged. We are dedicated to helping you find the best condo insurance for your needs. Like AIG can guide you through each step of a claim submission, we can guide you through the steps to get the best possible insurance quote.

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What AIG Condo Insurance Covers

If you buy an AIG condo insurance policy, it's important to know what coverage you're getting. After all, your condo is home to you and your loved ones. AIG's condo insurance policies will insure your unit against damages, including from weather, fire, theft, and vandalism. Other causes of damage such as burst pipes of your condo's heating or cooling system are covered under your AIG condo insurance policy. It's also important to know what isn't covered by a typical condo insurance policy. Damages from flooding, mudslides, nuclear hazards, earthquakes, rodents, or bug infestation are not covered. AIG condo insurance can cover your personal belongings such as furniture, electronics, or jewelry , as well as personal liability, which protects you if anybody tries to bring a claim against you because of bodily harm or property damage in your unit (this can include residents of the unit). AIG can also provide coverage for loss of use when your condo becomes uninhabitable. It will cover costs related to residing elsewhere and medical costs for anyone (who isn't a resident) that gets injured while in your condo.

AIG Insurance Areas Served for Condo Insurance

Is your state eligible for a condo insurance policy from AIG? If you're looking into getting a policy from AIG, we've made things simple for you by compiling a list of every state that can be insured under an AIG condo insurance policy. If you can't find your state on this list, contact us and let us know so we can find you an insurance provider that can insure your condo.

How to Get AIG Condo Insurance Discounts or Negotiate Lower Prices

Condo insurance isn't cheap, but there are plenty of opportunities to find savings and discounts. If you own a car, think about bundling your car and condo insurance together with AIG. Multi-policy discounts are among the easiest to obtain, and they'll provide you with discounts on all the plans in the package, as well as the ease of contacting only one company for all your insurance needs. Another opportunity to save and protect your condo is to install smoke or burglar alarms. This can make you eligible to get even more discounts on your condo insurance from AIG. Having automatic fire sprinklers can also lower your AIG condo insurance premiums. Lastly, when you have no claims with your previous provider, you might be able to secure a claims-free discount. We have two final tips for getting the best possible quote. First, always negotiate with insurance policy providers, and be prepared to advocate for yourself and walk away if you're not happy with what's being offered. Second, gather all the information you can about your condo and claims history; if you have more information, the provider can offer more discounts specific to your circumstances.
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AIG Condo Insurance Competitors and Quote Comparisons

The cost of your policy is determined by the amount of coverage you want and the deductible you're willing to pay. The deductible is the amount you must pay before the insurance payments take effect. If you opt to go for a higher deductible and less coverage you will pay lower premiums. Conversely, a lower deductible and more comprehensive coverage will lead to higher premiums. It's always good to get quotes from multiple providers and compare their rates and offerings. The marketplace for condo insurance is competitive and as such there are many companies working to get your business. Many of the larger providers' standard insurance packages contain coverage that might be seen as 'add-ons' by other providers. These larger companies may offer coverage for condo loss assessments and for the possessions you keep in your condo, including for high value items such as jewelry. Some companies may even cover debris removal services. Some companies cater to specific groups; USAA, for example, provides condo insurance for all members of the armed forces and is one of the only insurers to include acts of warfare in its coverage for damages. Check out the chart below to compare AIG with some of their competitors.

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Deciding on Whether AIG Condo Insurance is Right For You

Always review your condo association's insurance policy closely before you start shopping around for a unit policy; you don't want to pay for overlapping coverage. Your best bet is to look for what discounts and coverage is offered by a number of providers in your area and compare them. To get the best quotes, you need supply these providers with as much accurate information as possible. To get a condo insurance quote from AIG you will need the following: your condo's name and address, your date of move-in, desired policy start date, the number of people living in the condo, any business conducted on the premise, and if the condo is your primary or seasonal dwelling. Other information they'll want is year built, number of stories, square footage, safety features (including against fires), insurance history, and the extent of the coverage you want for your condo. We can get you personalized quotes from AIG that include discounts which are only applicable to you. You'll have to decide if AIG's policies are suitable for your needs.

AIG Insurance Reviews for Condo Insurance Compared with Competitors

There are many insurance companies out there providing comprehensive condo insurance. To find the best one for you, take a look at reviews from their customers. Reviews often show that some big businesses don't live up to customers' expectations. Clients of some providers have complained that after submitting a claim, the company takes an inordinate amount of time to repay a claim. Another common complaint is that claims are denied despite the customer providing all of the requested documentation and evidence pertaining to the claim. Furthermore, inspectors from a number of the condo insurance companies don't seem to provide fair appraisals for damage to the customer's condo and proceed to take a long time to reassess the damages. In contrast, other businesses show reviews from customers who trust them to assess claims fairly and promptly. Clients also like to praise condo insurance businesses that guide them during each step of a claim submission. Clients also expect to receive loyalty discounts for being long-term customers, something that is made easy if the company has great customer service. The bottom line is that you should check into these reviews before committing to an insurance policy from AIG or any other company.

How to File AIG Insurance Claims or Cancel Your Lemonade Condo Insurance

You can file a claim online or speak with an AIG agent. An agent will be in touch as soon as possible after you've submitted a claim. For a successful claim, it's important to take reasonable steps to prevent damage to your condo. Remember to keep records of what you spent on repairs and never discard anything that might serve as evidence until speaking with an insurance agent. Contact an AIG agent immediately to gather the names of any witnesses. If for any reason you want to cancel your AIG policy, it's extremely easy. Just call or email AIG with the information we've provided here. Before cancelling your AIG condo insurance policy, look into the possibility of changing your policy premiums. AIG might be able to help you out by changing your lump sum payments to more manageable monthly installments.

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