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What to Know About AARP Condo Insurance

You're looking to invest in condo insurance or change up your current plan -- have you considered looking into AARP condo insurance? We're here to help you make a decision by laying out the fundamentals of an AARP condo insurance plan. We reveal what is included in AARP's policies and how you can get the best price and coverage for your requirements. We'll help you find the best condo insurance plan AARP has to offer, compare their prices and policies with their competitors', and help you choose the best policy to go with your condo association's policy coverage. Getting your own condo insurance provides protection for yourself, your condo, and everything inside it is crucial. It also ensures that you have someplace else to live should your condo become unfit to live in. AARP's condo insurance policies, like many insurance policies, can be difficult to wrap your head around. If you have any trouble with next steps, we're available to help you sift through all the information so you can find the best insurance coverage for your needs. In case you decide to purchase an AARP condo insurance plan, we want to make sure you know you're fully covered and can enjoy condo life worry-free.
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AARP Condo Insurance at a Glance

Individual policies from AARP cover things that aren't covered by your condo association's insurance policy. Your condo association's insurance policy usually covers the condominium as a whole and common areas. It may also cover in-unit items (appliances, cabinets, flooring) that were there before you moved in. Your condo insurance works in conjunction with your condo association's policy, so it's best to see exactly what that policy covers before looking for your own condo insurance. AARP condo insurance provides coverage for personal belongings, personal liability, and more. Getting the proper coverage ensures you feel secure regardless of what life throws at you. Avoid getting minimal coverage for your condo, as uncovered loss or damages will end up costing you. Aim to get coverage for more than the market value of your condo. Our goal is to help you find the best condo insurance for your needs, whether that's through AARP or not. AARP is known to provide great guidance on how to submit claims. Keep reading to see how AARP compares with their competitors on other factors.

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What AARP Condo Insurance Covers

Your condo is more than a place to live. It's your home, filled with your valuables and even your loved ones. You want the best protection possible for these things. If you decide to purchase an AARP condo insurance plan, it's important to know all that it covers. AARP's condo insurance plan will cover your unit for damages from fire, theft, and vandalism. It will also cover weather damage, such as from high winds. Other problems such as accidental damage or damage caused by burst pipes in the heating/cooling system are insured under your AARP condo insurance plan. Don't forget to keep in mind what isn't covered by a standard condo insurance plan. Damage from flooding, mudslides, nuclear hazards, earthquakes, rodents, or insect infestation are not covered. AARP condo insurance can cover your personal items such as furniture, electronics, or jewelry, and personal liability, which protects you if anybody tries to bring a claim against you due to personal injury or property damage within you unit (this can include residents of the unit). AARP also offers coverage for loss of use, which is when your condo becomes uninhabitable and you have extra costs associated with temporarily living elsewhere. It also insures you if anyone (who isn't a resident) gets hurt while in your condo and you need to cover their medical expenses.

AARP Insurance Areas Served for Condo Insurance

It can be tricky to find out if condos in your state are qualified for a condo insurance plan from AARP. However, if you're considering buying a policy from AARP, we've compiled a complete list of states where AARP policies are available for your convenience. If you can't find your state in this listing, give us a call so we can help lead you to an insurance supplier that can cover your condo.

How to Get AARP Condo Insurance Discounts or Negotiate Lower Prices

Condo insurance can be expensive, but you there are savings opportunities out there, if you know where to look. For example, if you're in the market for auto insurance, you can package your auto and condo insurance jointly with AARP. This will provide you with discounts and reassurance that you'll be dealing with the same company for both policies, instead of multiple companies that may follow different procedures. Multi-policy discounts are among the easiest discounts to obtain if you mix two or more policies from AARP. Another chance to save on your AARP condo insurance plan and to improve the safety of your home, is to have fire, smoke, or burglar alarms installed. This can make you eligible to for further discounts on your condo insurance. Having a fire sprinkler system installed is a similar way to lower your condo insurance premiums. Finally, if you don't have any previous claims you might be qualified for a claims-free reduction. Negotiating with rival policy suppliers and being ready to walk if you're not being offered what you need, is essential for finding the most fitting insurance plan. Gather all of the information you can on your residence and claims history so that you're ready to negotiate for the best coverage at the right cost.
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AARP Condo Insurance Competitors and Quote Comparisons

Your policy's cost is determined by the amount of coverage you've selected and the deductible amount you choose to pay. The deductible is the amount you must pay before payments from your insurance activate. You may pay reduced premiums if you choose to have less coverage and a higher deductible. Alternatively, more coverage and a lower deductible results in higher premiums. Always get quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare. There is a big market for condo insurance, and so large companies are competing for your business. Many of the larger suppliers ' basic insurance bundles contain coverage that is regarded as 'supplementary' by other suppliers. These big companies may also provide coverage for condo loss evaluation. Many competitors might also have a comprehensive standard policy that covers the possessions in your condo. A few of these condo insurance companies let customers charge for debris removal under their policy and cover high value items such as jewelry. Other companies go after more specific demographics; USAA provides affordable condo insurance for members of the armed forces and is one of the few companies that includes acts of warfare in its coverage for damages. The chart below quickly compares AARP with their competitors.

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Deciding on Whether AARP Condo Insurance is Right For You

It's important that you review what is covered by your condo association's policy before you begin researching unit policies. Our recommendation is to look around and compare discounts and coverage you can get from different providers. To receive the most accurate quotes, you'll need to provide a fair bit of information. To be able to acquire a condo insurance quote from AARP you'll likely need the following: the name of your condo building, the move-in date, condo address, coverage start date, number of individuals residing in the condo, any business conducted on the premises, and if the condo is a primary or seasonal residence. You'll also need some basic information regarding your condo such as: year built, square feet, number of stories, security features, insurance history, fire security, and how much coverage you want for your condo. Good news - we can provide you with a personalized quote from AARP based on this information, including what discounts are applicable to you. Your job will be deciding if the coverage provided by AARP works for you.

AARP Insurance Reviews for Condo Insurance Compared with Competitors

There are lots of insurance companies on the market providing comprehensive condo insurance, but which is the best for your requirements? While there are many large condo insurance providers, reviews show that some of these businesses may not measure up to their reputations. Clients of some of these businesses have complained that they will often stall and take an excessive amount of time to process and pay claims. Another issue reported by clients is that some companies will request certain files and evidence for claims, then deny the claims despite being supplied with this proof. Inspectors from a number of these condo insurance companies have also had complaints lodged against them, with clients claiming the damage to their condos was not fairly assessed or that these assessments weren't initiated in a timely manner. In contrast, other businesses have good reviews from customers that have come to expect fair and quick assessments. Clients love condo insurance businesses that give them direction during each step of a claim submission. Clients also appreciate loyalty discounts for being long-term customers. It's up to you to search for reviews for each company and decide which provides the best customer service, including for AARP. We've started for you by providing a list of providers' JD Power and NAIC ratings.

How to File AARP Insurance Claims or Cancel Your Lemonade Condo Insurance

You can file a claim online or call a broker from AARP. An agent will contact you ASAP after you submit a claim. Take steps to improve your claim; don't forget to consult a broker before discarding any damaged items and keep records of what you spent on repairs or replacements. Calling AARP immediately for the names of any witnesses is imperative. Cancelling your AARP condo insurance plan is hassle-free; you can easily cancel by calling AARP's Insurance Customer Service number or by emailing them at the address provided. Before cancelling your AARP condo insurance policy, we suggest looking at altering your insurance premiums. AARP might be able to accommodate you by switching from lump sum payments to smaller monthly payments.

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